introductory docs

Reading these docs will give you a basic idea of the architecture of the Mnet network.

The Mnet FAQ

Mnet Network Overview

Mnet Messages Overview

Coding Standards for Mnet Python Code

Introduction to the EGTP version 1 Architecture

EGTP: The Evil Geniuses Transport Protocol (describing EGTP version 1)

Roadmap (plan for future evolution)

New Filesystem ("ZNFF") design doc

New Emergent Network ("ent") design doc

New Metadata System ("Record Keeper") design doc

New Secure Comms ("EGTPv2") incomplete design doc

There are more documents, some of which are out-of-date and are clearly marked as such as the top of the document. Here is the full directory: mnet_new/doc/.

If you have questions after reading these docs, please do not hesitate to e-mail your questions to the mnet-devel mailing list.

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