how to install Mnet for Microsoft Windows

precompiled packages

Download the current version: Mnet-

system requirements

any 32-bit version of Windows


Double-click on this little "icon" thingie.


There are two user interfaces for Mnet. The new interface is based on wxWindows and provides a real application window with buttons and boxes and a menu and so forth. The GUI window appears when you launch Mnet.

The old one is based on HTML and works in any web browser. You can access the HTML interface by opening your web browser to (note: that link will not work until you have downloaded, installed, and launched an Mnet node on your computer).

building from source

Click here to download the source package: Mnet-

All of the source code for Mnet is gratis and libre (LGPL). Unfortunately nobody knows how to compile it except for Arno. Send e-mail to Arno Waschk and politely ask him to write a document explaining how to compile Mnet on Windows. There are rumours, though, that he is already working on it. Neither the compile process nor the doc's creation look like being straightforward...

Alternately, you could compile it with the cygwin tools. The wxWindows GUI doesn't work that way, but the HTML GUI does. See for instructions on compiling on cygwin.

the next version

You may want to try the next version of Mnet which is at this time (2003-11-11) only partially operational. It lacks a GUI, for example, and can only be controlled through the command-line. It is primarily of interest to hackers who want to contribute to the Mnet project or to use Mnet as a component of a larger system. See the README file from the mnet_new/ CVS module for instructions. (You have to build it yourself from source.)

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