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All the code for Mnet is available under an open source license. Read how to download from cvs.


Mnet grew out of commercial product named Mojo Nation which was operated from July of 2000 until February of 2002 by a company named Autonomous Zones Industries, Inc.. The company released the source code for the Mojo Nation nodes, or "brokers" as the nodes were called, to the public under the GNU Lesser General Public License. After the company ceased operations, a loosely organized band of hackers continued the development of the decentralized file system. The presence of micropayments to mediate resource usage ("Mojo") was a defining feature of the Mojo Nation product. That feature is not in Mnet currently. Mnet doesn't have micropayments of any kind.


There are many interesting applications that can be built on top of an emergent network and a distributed file store. The first application that has been written for the Mnet project is a file-sharing application which lets you search for and download files of all kinds from the distributed file store. It is included in the Mnet distribution.

other libraries Mnet uses

Mnet benefits from the fruits of many other open source projects: the GNU development toolchain (gcc, GNUmake, etc.), the MinGW and Cygwin development tools for the w32 platform, the excellent Python programming language, the wxWidgets and wxPython GUI libraries, the Crypto++ cryptography library, the BerkeleyDB embedded database, the zlib compression library, the Python Imaging Library, the PyXML XML library, and probably others that we forgot to mention.

Mnet spin-off libraries

Some of the code developed for Mnet has been "spun off" into separate open source libraries to facilitate re-use: EGTP, pyutil, libbase32, libzstr, libzutil.

affiliated projects

The Mnet project is an official Creative Commons Collaborator.

A for-profit company named HiveCache is developing a commercial product that shares some ideas and code with Mnet.

The Mnet Hackers are eager to cooperate with other open source projects, including other emergent networks, file-sharing applications, new uses for the distributed file store, metadata categorization projects, and so forth. Send e-mail to <> if you want to affiliate your project with Mnet.

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