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Release status

As of 2004-07-17 the currently hacked on version is 0.7.1. Writing code for this version is highly encouraged, since 0.6.2 won't see future development.

As of 2004-07-17 the current "stable" version is: v0.6.2. There are some packages built for you to download, but of course you can as well compile it yourself on your own machine. (This is trivial on a *nix box that has standard development tools installed. It is non-trivial on w32.) More information on the download page.

network status

As of 2004-07-17 the network has only a few servers. If you have a solid server with a reliable net connection, you can help! You'll win our lasting gratitude, you'll be helping a Free Software project that has a lot of potential to improve the world, and we'll give you a million Klazumits. See the help-Mnet page.

(Just kidding about the Klazumits. I think.)

development status

As of 2003-10-26 there are three different branches of development. See the Mnet Roadmap (plan for future evolution) document for details.

  • The "old" branch isn't really doing any development, just building packages of Mnet v0.6.2 for various platforms and setting up servers to run a good network.
  • The current branch (called the HEAD branch) is targeted at making a release based on several new designs and completely refactored source code.
  • The branch_twisted branch is a side branch -- an experiment in porting Mnet to the Twisted networking engine. All of the parts of experiment which are successful will be folded into the HEAD branch at some point.

You can build the current HEAD version (which will become v0.7) yourself from source. The procedure is documented in the README file.

For detailed development status please see the issue tracker, which is used to maintain all planned development (both bug fixes and all other changes). Also view the mnet-devel mailing list archives and visit the IRC channel "#mnet" on irc.freenode.net.

weekly updates

(Semi-) weekly updates on the progress of the Mnet project are now available.

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