Weekly News 2002-12-08

by icepick

Mnet Hack Day

What Hack Day? I don't believe was one.



  • Downloaded files are no longer saved in a directory with the name of the mnetId of the dinode they came from.
  • Commited a lookup system that makes use of khashmir DHT. This is a great step towards getting rid of the Metatracker.


  • currently working on design for a version 2 of EGTP (now with replay attack prevention). The docs evolve here if you'd like to take a look
  • Help icepick figure out what he's doing while getting 0.7 to work

Tschechow: When this intrepid reporter asked Tschechow what he did last week he mumble something along the line of "buildsys fix, pre-release-testing, publishing fix". Uh-huh.


  • Mnet version 0.7 (the 'mnet_new' and 'egtp_new' modules in CVS) passes some of it's unit tests. The main script is being reworked to be more readable.
  • We've built 0.7 on Mac OS X using the MachoPython version of python, which will allow us to make use of the wxGUI, but 0.7 is need of a lot more work to get up and running. This was made easy because of the use of Python's Distutils. To get 0.6 to build with MachoPython will take a lot more work, and may be skipped.

0.6 release candidates: The bug tracker currently lists five open bugs (up from last week) that have to be fixed before the final release of v0.6. You can help by downloading one of the v0.6 Release Candidates from the download page.

help wanted

The Mnet Hackers are always happy to have more help. Major projects currently underway include the v0.6 release (we can always use more testing and bug reporting) and the "re-organized codebase" project which could use hackers to change all the code to fit the new coding standards and to get all of the Python extension modules to build and link on all platforms using the new distutils build system.

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