Weekly News 2003-03-31

by Artimage


There have been many exciting changes since the last (not-so) weekly news. First the new FEC code is working, icepick has the library wrapped in python and running like a champ. Zooko's New File Format design seems to have stabalized and is being implemented by Icepick with his FEC code to create working uploads and downloads. So with this step we move leave backwards compatibility but take a large leap towards a working 7.0 release.

Tschechow has put in many hours with the Blockstore, and has created many new unit tests. This is exciting since it will allow new hackers to easily test their changes. There has also been some talk about download strategies on the mailing lists, if you aren't on the mailing list go here.

help wanted

The Mnet Hackers are always happy to have more help. The major project currently underway is the v0.6.2 migration project which could use hackers to change all the code to fit the new coding standards and to get all of the Python extension modules to build and link on all platforms using the new distutils build system. Also, we can always use more testing and bug reporting.

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