Weekly News 2003-10-06

by Artimage


Zooko and Icepick merged the newnet and metatrackerrouter branches into the head branch. With some debugging help from Tschechow the unit tests are again passing. (At least those that were passing before the merge.) Progress is being steadily made on the Head branch, and its looking like an unstable release is imminent.


Artimage spent some time working on the project roadmap, it is now up to date. In this doc we explain the state of the union, so to speak, and where we plan to head from here. Basically, things are looking good, but more work is needed, but we say it with a lot more detail in the doc.

Twisted Branch

I would like to take this space to welcome some twisted people to our little world. You know, when you name a project twisted you just can't help making tons of puns. Anyway, a few Twisted developers have been good enough to drop in and checkout our code, we couldn't be more pleased to have some new friends. And in a sort of chicken and egg situation, a new branch has been created in mnet_new for work on porting to the Twisted framework. (Oddly enough the tag is branch_twisted) So, welcome to our twisted branch. (Man, the puns are just too easy.)

Help wanted

What would Mnet be without its fun loving group of developers wasting countless hours on irc talking about crypto? Well it would sort of be like the A-Team without Murdoch, or Scooby snacks without the "herbal medicine".

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