Weekly News 2003-10-27

by Artimage


Zooko has managed to get cvsinstall.sh to work on OSX. This is great news. Also the GUI works on OSX, this is big news. He also rewrote the Metatracker from scratch using "EGTP layer, modern PeerSet, modern util funcs, modern coding standards". To round it out, he also got relay working in the 0.7 branch. Hot damn, now we're cooking.

A call for help answered

It has become very apparent that Mnet has many friends who are more than willing to help it out. When Zooko asked for two other people to put up bootpages he ended up with four. So we now have five shiny new bootpages. I'd like to thank those people that are not among the 'usual suspects'.

So thank you. And thanks to everyone who offered to help out, its good to know Mnet has friends.

Help wanted

What would Mnet be without its fun loving group of developers wasting countless hours on irc talking about crypto? Well it would sort of be like the A-Team without Murdoch, or Scooby snacks without the "herbal medicine".

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